Monday, September 25, 2017

Some useful tips on Sketchup’s Arc Tool

This exclusive sketchup video is a part of sketchup skill builder series. In this video some useful tips are provided for using Arc tool in sketchup efficiently. The following topics are covered in the video :-

Different version of the Arc Tool
Variation among single and double clicking to finish an Arc
How the Arc cursor notifies you regarding the step of drawing of an arc that you are working with.

If the users click on the drop down menu of Arc Tool, there are four diverse types of arcs like Arc, 2 point Arc, 3 Point Arc and Pie.
• 2 Point Arc tool: This tool facilitates you to set two points and then draw out a bulge to produce the arc.
• Arc tool: This tool allows you to set a center point. There is a protractor that can be used to set the beginning and ending of the arc depending on your preferred angle. This tool generates an open arc.
• Pie tool: This tool functions just like the Arc tool, but generates a closed shape that turns out to be a face.
• 3 Point Arc tool: This tool allows you to draw an open arc on the basis of a pivot point.
Prior to draw arcs, learn how the arc entities function:
• An arc comprises of several connected line segments, but it is suggested to choose and edit an arc as a single entity.
• An arc can describe the edge of a face and divide a face.
• Even though an arc is one entity, the SketchUp inference engine views all the segments that form the arc and show up any geometric point if you hover your cursor over one.
• You can notify SketchUp how many segments should be applied in an arc entity. The default is 12 segments. If lots of segments are utilized, the arc turns out to be more complicated and it becomes difficult for SketchUp to display your model. If there are under 12 segments your model becomes simple, but the arc may appear as blocky.

To get more details, watch the following video.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

my.SketchUp – Take along Your 3D Models Wherever You Go

SketchUp grows with time to offer more advanced and simplified option to the designers and artists. Today, the application is considered to be the widely used one because of its easier approach to the 3D designing. It outruns its contemporaries with its clean and simplified user interface that allows even the beginners to design like an expert. With my.SketchUp, the application takes a step further and makes its features available on the cloud – a computing system that allows users to access data and information stored in remote computers and systems.

my.SketchUp is designed in collaboration with the Timber Connect to offer a wider use than its stipulated applications. As said, it is the most connected SketchUp modeler for people. From the very beginning, SketchUp has been renowned for its accessibility. The tools and extensions let designers sketch their plans in 3D as accurately as an expert paints thoughts. This quick access of the application increases its popularity and brings it to the world of budding designers and 3D modelers.

SketchUp generally works on the desktop computers with an operating system from Microsoft or Apple. This kind of confined attitude keeps this application away from the eagerly waiting network pool bending to the ubiquity of the browser. To solve the issue and reach a greater designer network, my.SketchUp has been introduced with a great promise. This new version will run satisfyingly in a web browser allowing you to perform your task better and faster.

The use of the internet is speeding tremendously. Losing this fastest pace means you are behind the time. SketchUp captures the recent needs for being more flexible. The extension of SketchUp to the could computing opens up an array of new possibilities for the SketchUp users. The shortcoming of SketchUp running on a desktop computer only gets completely solved with this latest announcement.

My.SketchUp performs just like the original SketchUp does with the same features and functions. With this, your models are available in the cloud which you can access anytime, anywhere. These models can be shared with others and modified as per your design.

The users’ experience says that my.SketchUp is a true companion for your travelling. It gives you an access to data from your clients’ offices and the computers connected to networks. The clean and easy-to-access functions always keep the SketchUp first among others. This new feature will definitely enlarge the perspectives for the designers and artists.


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