Tuesday, January 3, 2017

MestKit can produce a finite element mesh through Sketchup and TetGen

Peter V has introduced MeshKit for sketchup that allows sketchup users to generate model as well as mesh (through TetGen) directly out of sketchup. The users will be able to produce tetrahedral meshes utilizable with finite element, finite volume, or other numerical analysis methods. Besides, the users can also insert numerous regions, volumes, boundaries & refinement. MeshKit is compatible with sketchup 2014 and sketchup 2015.

This sketchup extension can be used to instantly design models for analyzing any number of numerical methods. MeshKit supports various opensource multiphysics packages like OpenFOAM and Elmer Multiphysics, as well as Fluent, Ansys, LS-DYNA, CFX, Star-CCM+, Feflo and others.

With the Mark Regions dialog, the users can label a group as a region and characterize the optimal mesh refinement level.

  • The Mark Volumes dialog facilitates the users to arrange a group that is similar to a volume (hole). The boundaries can be specified on this volume.
  • By Mark Boundaries tool, a boundary number can be allotted to selected faces. Once a group is chosen, all faces in that group will be apportioned that boundary number. A single exclusive boundary name/number is allocated a color created arbitraily. The default boundary number is 0, and any unallocated boundaries will be allotted this number. This is a tricky way to delete/omit internal boundaries which should not be visible in the final mesh. Usually any boundary is allotted to work with a non-zero integer. The boundary refinement can be included for generating local refinement. It produces a very efficiently refined and graded mesh.
  • The Boundary Info tool just catalogues the boundary name allocated to individual selected face, or group of faces. The allotted refinement value is also itemized.
  • The Save Selected Groups to Smesh tool creates the smesh file out of the selected groups. All entities must available in groups, and the groups are only 1 level deep (ie, not groups of groups, at least for now).
  • NEW in v2.0+, any mesh can be imported to SketchUp through the option to keep or remove boundary information.

Currently, the users can apply MeshKit for only group and not for component.

Information, downloads, installation, and source code related to TetGen can be found here: http://www.tetgen.org

OpenFOAM information can be found here: http://www.openfoam.org

Elmer Multiphysics informatino can be found here: https://csc.fi/web/elmer

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